What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word Aicok? I bet you’re drawing a blank right about now! Well, they are a newer company that is just starting to break into the world of kitchen gadgets (as well as a few other essential home gadgets such as garment steamers and bathroom scales).

Since this is a new company that has started selling in the marketplace within the past few years, you may not be familiar with the name at all. It is of note that Aicok products are currently available for sale only on Amazon.

They do have a web presence where you can take a look at some of their other products and contact customer service for warranty claims and concerns, but nothing for sale directly.

Let’s break down some of the features of the Aicok 5-Speed Hand Blender to see if it’s worth a shot.

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Aicok 5-Speed Hand Blender Review
The Advantages
Excellent power at 350-watts
Chopper attachment can replace most stand-alone food processors
Great price
The Disadvantages
Only comes in a single color; black
Unproven brand
Final Rating
The Aicok 5-Speed Hand Blender is a mid range Immersion Blender with the power of a higher end model. While it's an unproven brand, the power options and accessories make this a great value. Just don't expect many color variations; it just comes in black.


Aicok’s offering has a clean sleek design; black with stainless steel accents and stainless steel blending stick. Currently, this is the only color offered, which is a little strange for this price range.

It features two soft switches on the handle, one of which is the pulse button and the other is the turbo speed. The five speeds are selectable at the top of the unit with the twist of a knob.

You can be at any speed and get to the turbo feature, so it’s not just a 6th speed, but a quick burst you can get to quickly—to get the grittiness out of your ingredients.

“…users and reviewers report that the speed and torque here is simply stunning.”

This configuration is almost exactly like the OXO Immersion Blender we reviewed earlier. Side-by-side, there are many similarities, but the Aicok’s version is about half the price.

This blender boasts an impressive 350-watt motor. This should be strong enough to go from pureeing to making nut butter to blending soup right in the pot.

This little guy features a five-foot cord, which is on par with many of its rivals. This will allow you much flexibility in the kitchen.

We are also happy to report that the mechanism to attach or remove the blending shaft is the push button type. Not the twist to lock variation that some other Immersion Blenders use.

Overall, this Immersion Blender is in-line with the design sensibilities of most other versions in this price range. It’s certainly not the best looking of the bunch, but is also not quite an ugly ducking.


The Aicok Immersion Blender has a powerful 350-watt motor with five speeds.

Considering that this Immersion Blender comes with the blending attachment and whisk, it should be strong enough, and versatile enough to replace your hand mixer at home—perhaps even your food processor!

Many users and reviewers report that the speed and torque here is simply stunning. Almost all the reviews you can find online confirm that the power is the real deal.

“All of these parts come apart after use and are dishwasher safe…”

Have you ever wanted to make baby food for your growing spawn? The five distinct speeds give you many options for varying the texture of your foods, so you can start with purees and work up to chunkier textures.

You can also use the turbo speed to quickly zip your ingredients at the end of your blending to remove grittiness of seeds from your fruits such as strawberries. It’s just an extra boost you can get to with the press of a button.

It’s definitely a handy feature.


The Aicok Immersion Hand Blender comes with the motor, the blending shaft, a whisk attachment, a chopper attachment and also an 800 mL (27 oz) beaker.

The beaker and the chopper feature an anti-slip pad as well. These pads will allow the beaker and the chopper to stay in place and you can use the unit safely with one hand without the need to hold them.

The chopper has 3 parts; the lid, an “S” blade insert and a 16 oz chopping bowl. Although you do have to chop your foods a bit prior to putting them into the chopper bowl, it does a great job of processing your foods.

In fact, many users gave this chopper a better review than the variations that comes with other Immersion Blender chopper attachments. We’ve reviewed quite a few of these and they can definitely be hit or miss.

We suspect this is due to the powerful 350-watt motor. More power definitely helps!

“The 350-watt motor is definitely a bonus as it is quite a bit higher than others in this price range…”

The included whisk attachment comes in 2 parts. You attach the whisk holder to the motor body and then attach the whisk to the holder. The ability to completely remove the stainless steel whisk head is a plus and should help with cleanup.

The whisk is perfect for whipping up some whipped cream and using to whip up your lighter ingredients such as eggs. You can also use this attachment to incorporate dry ingredients with wet ones such as in cake batter.

All of these parts come apart after use and are dishwasher safe for ease of use.

Our Conclusion

The Aicok Immersion Hand Blender is a strong machine that can replace some of your other small appliances in the kitchen.

We were pleased to see that the chopping attachment is strong enough to double as a food processor and that the whisk attachment handles many needs in the kitchen. The blending head is also on par with many of its higher priced rivals.

The 350-watt motor is definitely a bonus as it is quite a bit higher than others in this price range, so this raises the value for sure.

The Bottom Line

We were quite Impressed with the 350-watts of power with this Immersion Blender. This wattage seems to be the sweet spot for a well-functioning chopper attachment.

With a 2-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, It’s hard to go wrong here, but it’s also hard to recommend over other Immersion Blenders in this price range.

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