Chances are you’ve heard of All-Clad and you have all of their pots and pans on your wedding registry or your dream kitchen wish list. All-Clad products are world renowned for quality and craftsmanship, and definitely what dream kitchens are made of!

All-Clad is a US based company that produces fine kitchenwares for the distinguished kitchen. Originally crafted for the professional chef, their products are now easily accessible and are priced to be a long lasting product in your home kitchen.

If you are looking for a workhorse in the kitchen, this All-Clad Variable Speed Stainless Steel Immersion Blender is the real deal.

In fact, Bon Appetit magazine posted an article on their website listing this Immersion Blender as the runner up for the “Immersion Blender You Need in Your Life.”

The Electrolux Masterpiece Immersion Blender was named number one here, but second place is not necessarily a bad thing when dealing with high-end appliances.

With 600 watts of peak power, it’s 200-400 watts of power above many of the other Immersion Blenders on the market. Just for comparison, it’s direct competitor the OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender has a 200-watt motor.

Make no mistake, there are several other Immersion Blenders in this elite price range with similar qualities, and it’s kind of hard to go wrong with any of them.

But if you’re wondering whether or not you should invest in this one or go with a cheaper model, read on to see if it will fit your needs. You may be surprised!

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All-Clad Immersion Blender Review
The Advantages
Variable speed
All stainless steel body
Extra long blending shaft for deep containers
Highly reputable manufacturer
The Disadvantages
Power cord only double-pronged, and for this power rating, should be three-pronged
No accessories included, but available seperately
Twist to lock blending head not as good as snap lock of other Immersion brands offerings
With 600-watts, nuanced variable speed, and just overall great industrial design, it's hard to not recommend this Immersion Blender if your budget can manage. You would be getting a high quality product from a reputable industry veteran. No accessories sours the deal a bit, but if you're just looking for one of the best Hand Blenders around, well here you go!


The All-Clad Immersion Blender is a very pretty kitchen tool; clean, sleek lines and totally professional. If you’re looking to impress your dinner guests, you will have no problems here.

The top of the motor unit has a soft ergonomic handle. This is then blended seamlessly with the rest of the motor housing which is high quality stainless steel. There is a hard plastic ring where the blade attachment meets the motor housing which creates a seal.

This Immersion Blender has a twist and lock feature which, according to many reviewers, is a bit annoying when you are working with oily ingredients and trying to remove a detachable blending blade that is covered with said ingredients.

“This monster offering from All-Clad has a 600-watt motor! For the uninitiated, this is a great deal of power…”

It’s not a total deal breaker, but it is of note if you prefer a pressure release for your blending attachment or have arthritic hands. I know we sure do.

This is also a nuisance if you prefer to just press the release lever and let your blending attachment dive into a sink full of warm soapy water. Again, we sure do in our kitchen as well.

This unit also has a large and slightly more open blending head, which helps to reduce splatter. We like this feature if you are working in a pot with some butternut squash soup but not so much if you want to use your Immersion Blender to make a smoothie.

The blending head is also supersized at 9 ¼ inches long, which will enable you to get into deeper pots and bowls. While we get the bigger is better theory, it all depends on what you intend to use it for.

If you want an Immersion Blender to keep in your pantry to whip up some quick smoothies on the go, this may not be the Immersion Blender for you.

The combination of the extra long blending shaft as well as a total weight of 2.8b lbs, it’s a pretty large appliance and does better with bigger jobs such as blending big batches of soup.

That’s not to say it doesn’t excel at smaller tasks, but it’s probably a bit much for the once-a-day quick smoothie blend.


This monster offering from All-Clad has a 600-watt motor! For the uninitiated, this is a great deal of power (understatement of the year here) and you should be pleasantly surprised by what this means for your future blends.

In fact, this Immersion Blender is apparently so powerful that Bon Appetit test kitchen judges say it “jerks into action” upon depressing the pulse button, even just slightly.

While this is definitely a sign of an over eager motor and can be useful in certain situations, we feel they should have taken a cue from OXO and went with a slow-start feature in an effort to combat this.

By far, that’s one of the most stand out features in the OXO On Digital Immersion Blender.

That stated, this is a minor complaint as with this wattage and quality of motor components, you really shouldn’t have any of the most common issues of lower power hand blenders.

As for the actual controls, we have two soft buttons on the front of the unit; one for the standard power pulse, and one for the turbo mode. At the top of the unit is a variable speed control which can easily be adjusted with your thumb.

“Unfortunately, there are no accessories included here. Sort of a bummer…”

What this means is that there are no preset speeds, rather the speed of the immersion can slowly be adjusted lower or higher. We observed a lot of reviewers mentioning this feature on Amazon and the consensus is that it is awesome!

It lets you smoothly go from low to high while continuing to blend.

This blender also has a 61” cord. This is right around the five foot mark and seems to be on par with other comparable Immersion Blenders.

One complaint about the cord though is that it does not seem to match up to the machine, meaning it doesn’t seem heavy duty enough for the 600-watts of power that the Immersion Blender can deliver.

This machine has so much power that we feel it could really benefit from a 3-prong plug. The 3rd prong in a plug basically acts to ground an appliance in the event of a short circuit or electricity surge. At 600-watts, this would have been a good feature to incorporate for safety reasons.

Looks like All-Clad skimped on that one here, likely to cut costs. The good news is that we are unable to locate any instances where this impacted use, so at this point seems to be a phantom problem.


Unfortunately, there are no accessories included here. Sort of a bummer, but is to be expected when the Immersion Blender is supposed to be the star of the show. In the case of high end appliances, this is normal.

You can, however, buy a separate accessories kit. This kit includes a 10-ounce mini chopper attachment, an extra lid for the chopper and a balloon whisk attachment. All of these parts are machine washable.

The mini chopper is comprised of the lid, the chopping blades and the chopping bowl. You can use the mini chopper to chop anything from nuts to grinding herbs. You can also use it to chop already chopped items finer.

As we have mentioned in other reviews, mini choppers are not meant to replace your food processor as the food going in has to be cut into chunks prior to chopping finer. One thing of note about the mini-chopper is that it is…well…mini.

“All-Clad products are built to last and this Immersion Blender is no exception. With 600-watts of power, it is no joke.”

Other choppers are in the 16-ounce range which is better suited for chopping jobs.

The extra lid allows you to use the chopping bowl as a shaker cup for hard cheeses as it has an adjustable top or you can close the shaker compartment and use it on top of your smoothie.

While the 10-ounce size is good for cheeses, we think it is about 6-ounces too small for a good sized smoothie.

The whisk comes in 2 parts; a plastic piece fits into the blender motor, then the whisk fits into that piece. The whisk is great for whipping cream or incorporating dry ingredients into wet ones as in muffin or cake batters.

But don’t donate your handheld mixer just yet!

The mixer attachment looks cheap to us and not in line with other All-Clad products. The good news is that these products do have a lifetime warranty from All-Clad. Just give them a call if a plastic piece breaks and they should replace it for you.

They are known for good product support!

Our Conclusion

All-Clad products are built to last and this Immersion Blender is no exception. With 600-watts of power, it is no joke.

The seamless variable speed option as well as the turbo feature will be perfect for processing that leek soup for your dinner party and then making milkshakes for dessert.

If you want a beast in the kitchen, this appliance can most definitely fill that role and we can highly recommend it if you have a higher budget point.

Having said that, if you are the occasional smoothie drinker or make whipped cream to top off your kids hot cocoas at Christmas time only, you may not need such a workhorse in the kitchen.

Check out some of our budget picks for that.

The Bottom Line

The All-Clad immersion blender is really the one to beat in this price range. With this much power under its belt it’s almost in a league of its own, and we highly recommend you adding this to your kitchen!

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