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Bella Hand Immersion Blender Review - Immersion Masters

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As you start researching which kitchen appliances are right for you, you may see the name Bella pop up more often. That’s because Bella is really out there branding itself as the fresh, cool new appliance company on the block.

Already have some Bella small appliances in your kitchen? The Bella Immersion Blender will match your red ones seamlessly!

Have you been wanting to try out the bulletproof coffee everyone is talking about? Try it out without making a big monetary commitment because the Bella Hand Immersion Blender is priced to please and boasts speeds and a handy whisk attachment to compete with its higher priced rivals.

Read on to find out if the Bella Hand Immersion Blender with whisk attachment is worth trying out.

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The Bella Hand Immersion Blender is pretty conventional in design. It has an ergonomic handle with a soft panel for the one-touch buttons, two settings; high and low, which feature an auto shutoff, meaning they have to be depressed to operate the motor. The attachments are stainless steel and attach with the turn screw method.

This Immersion Blender states that it must not be used for more than 60 seconds at a time, much like the Ovente Immersion Blender we reviewed recently. Reviewers report that their Immersion Blender did definitely start to feel hot around the 1-minute mark, so be mindful of this warning.

“The Bella Hand Immersion Blender has a 250-watt motor. Honestly, this is high for the price.”

Unfortunately, The Bella Hand Immersion Blender comes in only 1 color; red. If you happen to have other Bella housewares in red you are in luck, as Bella has several other small appliances in red and red patterns. It’s not really an issue here as this appliance is definitely for the person who wants to try out Immersion Blenders without a huge commitment.

One major complaint reviewers have about this Immersion Blender is the loud, somewhat bulky motor of this unit. If you are using the Immersion Blender for short bursts this won’t be problematic but is notable if you or others in your house are sensitive to loud noises.

Worried about hand strain with this Immersion Blender? Although some state the motor of this unit is bulky, at just around 2 lbs it weighs along the same lines as the competition. Another major user complaint we have seen with this appliance is that you have to hold the button down for continuous use.

This is pretty standard fare whether you purchase a $15.00 Immersion Blender or an $80.00 one. So at least note this when doing your requirement shopping.

Since Bella has such an affordable product people may be purchasing it without doing much research on Immersion Blenders in general, hence the confusion. So—you heard it here—the power button must be pressed down for continuous use!


The Bella Hand Immersion Blender has a 250-watt motor. Honestly, this is high for the price. There are other Immersion Blenders that cost twice as much, yet have less wattage.

Consumers have even stated that the motor is almost too powerful, even on low. While this doesn’t necessarily need to be a problem, you should give yourself a large enough container to blend or whisk in so that you don’t have splatter from the extra force.

“…the whisk is great for whipping up eggs or whipped cream.”

This may also be a hindrance when whipping egg whites for example as they need to be whipped at a low speed initially. So if you need something that has the ability to blend or mix on really low speeds, this might not be the one for you.

As the manual states, you can not use this Immersion Blender for more than 60 seconds without giving the motor a break. Quite a few Immersion Blenders in this price range have this caveat.

You can whip up a smoothie with fresh ingredients in less than half of that time even on the low setting! This Immersion Blender, like the KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender, has a long cord which enables you to blend easily over pots on the stove and move it around the kitchen with ease.

We know, describing a cord length seems arbitrary, but until you have used an appliance that has a really short cord, it understandably seems unimportant… Believe us, it’s not.


The Bella Hand Immersion Blender comes with the 6-inch long blending attachment and the whisk attachment. The blending attachment is great for blending smoothies or a tasty guacamole while the whisk is great for whipping up eggs or whipped cream.

According to some reviewers, the whisk attachment is somewhat flimsy and it is questionable how much life you will get out of it. It definitely needs to be used with your lighter ingredients to extend its longevity.

“If you want to wet your toes in the Immersion Blender field, this Immersion Blender may be just the one for you.”

Other Immersion Blenders, like the KitchenAid 3-Speed Immersion Blender, include a much higher quality whisk made of full stainless steel. But I imagine if you’re reading this then you are just looking for a cheap appliance without the bells and whistles.

A blending cup would also have been nice with this, but not a deal breaker as the attachments are the right size to be able to fit into a variety of cups and bowls.

Both of the attachments are dishwasher safe for effortless cleanup as well, which is a bonus. Some Immersion Blenders come with attachments that require a hand washing, so the convenience here is notable.

Our Conclusion

The Bella Hand Immersion Blender with whisk attachment is not a bad entry point into the world of Immersion Blenders. While it has a few caveats, the whisk attachment is a nice bonus and it is good to know that the 250-watt motor can pack a punch.

Keep in mind that the blender attachment of this Immersion Blender seems to do better with lighter jobs rather than tougher ingredients. Pureeing boiled butternut squash(yes!), trying to make your own peanut butter (probably not!).

Although the jury is not out yet on whether or not this Immersion Blenders motor is fully reliable, it comes with a 2-year warranty and you can purchase a separate 2 or 3-year warranty plan through Asurion at an additional cost.

The Bottom Line

The Bella Hand Immersion Blender with 2 speeds and whisk has all of the visual flair as the others but a much smaller price tag. If you want to wet your toes in the Immersion Blender field, this Immersion Blender may be just the one for you.

We especially liked the 2-year included warranty in place of the standard 1-year warranty that comes with most small appliances.

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