What do you think of when you hear the name, Betty Crocker? I bet it’s not Immersion Blenders!

My brain seems to go towards the super moist chocolate cake mix and rich and creamy chocolate frosting. Well, we can happily say that you can add small appliances to your list of Betty Crocker goods.

The Betty Crocker brand was created in 1921. At the time, the Betty Crocker image was created to give personalized answers to customer questions on the General Mills brand of foods. Today it has grown into so much more.

Have you been wanting to try out soap making without a big investment in an Immersion Blender?

Well, the Betty Crocker Hand Blender may be the one to try!

We were pleasantly surprised to see that many people were using this product to blend soaps and lotions and that it functions well for this purpose.

Read on to see if my girl Betty has a winner with the Betty Crocker Hand Blender with Beaker.

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Aicok 5-Speed Hand Blender Review
The Advantages
Excellent power at 350-watts
Chopper attachment can replace most stand-alone food processors
Great price
The Disadvantages
Only comes in a single color; black
Unproven brand
Final Rating
The Aicok 5-Speed Hand Blender is a mid range Immersion Blender with the power of a higher end model. While it's an unproven brand, the power options and accessories make this a great value. Just don't expect many color variations; it just comes in black.


The Betty Crocker Hand Blender comes in white only. The blending blade is made of stainless steel and the detachable blending arm housing, as well as the motor housing, are made of a hard plastic.

It features two speed control buttons with pulse action and a 200-watt motor. The speed that you want has to be depressed continuously for the blender to turn on and it will turn off when you let go of the button.

In view of the fact that the buttons do not have a soft coating, you may experience some hand strain here if you use it for longer periods of time, according to some reviewers.

“Some reviewers state that the motor is quite powerful but also very loud…”

The Betty Crocker Hand Blender has a 54 inch (4.5 ft.) cord, which is not quite as short as some others we have reviewed, but not spectacular either. This will still cost you some in the way of maneuverability in the kitchen, but I assume that maneuverability isn’t key on your list if you’re reading this review!

The accessories attach with a twist and lock mechanism and you can hear a click when it locks.

This turn and lock mechanism seems to not be a favorite of users with arthritic hands so take that into consideration if you are buying it as a gift for someone who may consider this an issue.

Here at Immersion Masters, we’re not huge fans of the twist-to-lock function of this and some other brands offerings.

Overall the unit looks to be a bit bulky but is at such an excellent price point, you may not even notice!


The Betty Crocker Hand Blender has a 200-watt motor. This seems to be on par with other brands priced a little higher. The motor is also listed as having a peak speed of 400-watts which is pretty impressive at this price point.

This means that it can go up to 400-watts in short bursts.

Some reviewers state that the motor is quite powerful but also very loud so take that into consideration if you have housemates who are sensitive to noise.

“We were disappointed to find out that the accessories are not BPA-free. What year is it again?”

Betty Crocker was kind enough to grace us with 2 speeds—high and low—which are accessible on the ergonomic handle.

Yet again, like other budget models from other companies, the manual states that the Immersion Blender be only used for periods of less than 1 minute at a time. If you have to blend for longer periods, you’ll need to give it a 1-minute rest in between to be safe.

Although many Immersion Blenders claim to be able to crush ice, the Betty Crocker Hand Blender does not make such claims and actually states that the Immersion Blender is not to be used for that purpose.

Thanks for the heads up, Mrs. Crocker!


The Betty Crocker Hand Blender comes with the main motor unit, the blending arm attachment, and a 600 mL beaker. So in other words, it only really comes with a beaker.

The blending attachment connects to the motor using a turn and click mechanism and removes with a counter clockwise motion. The blending attachment as well as the beaker needs to be washed by hand and could be damaged in the dishwasher. Ouch.

“This Immersion Blender seems to perform well with small ingredients as well as in soap making.”

The beaker is plain and does not have the measurements written on it so you will still want a cup measure for making recipes with specific amounts. We were disappointed to find out that the accessories are not BPA-free. What year is it again?

This may not be a big deal for some but others may prefer not to have hot liquids come into contact with BPA-containing plastics.

If you are using it for crafting purposes, this should not affect your usage.

Our Conclusion

The Betty Crocker Brand has come a long way and the Betty Crocker Hand Blender could be worth some experimentation in your kitchen.

This Immersion Blender seems to perform well with small ingredients as well as in soap making.

If you have ever wanted to try soap making as a craft but didn’t want to fork out a bunch of cash for the immersion blender, the Betty Crocker Hand Blender may fit into your crafting budget!

Which is a good thing.

The Bottom Line

You can purchase the Betty Crocker Hand Immersion Blender for a fraction of the cost of other Immersion Blenders, there’s no doubt about that.

This may be enough to give it a whirl and see how it performs for you.

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