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OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender Review - Immersion Masters

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The OXO name is one that is quickly becoming synonymous with quality. The OXO company has been inventing kitchen tools with a concentration on quality materials and ergonomics since 1990.

We have a few different OXO kitchen tools at home and the fact that they concentrate on ergonomics definitely shines through as I always reach for these tools first.

In fact, Sam Farber—the original owner of the OXO company—is said to have begun his quest to develop more user-friendly kitchen tools after noticing that his wife was having a tough time in the kitchen due to severe arthritis in her hands.

The latest line of ‘On’ kitchen products from OXO follows this tradition with grace.

Up for review, we have the OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender (6-speed). Yes, you read that right, 6 speeds!

In addition, this Immersion Blender has some unique features which set it apart from the rest such as a splatter free slow start and an illuminating bar.

Read on after the breakdown to see if the OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender for nonstick cookware is right for your needs.

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The OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender for nonstick cookware is unique in many ways, but here are two huge things to add to your comparison list:

  • It has a soft nylon blending head which prevents scratch marks on delicate surfaces such as non-stick cookware.
  • It features a unique illumination bar which acts to let you know that the unit is plugged in and idle. This onboard light also brightens when the unit is blending so you can easily see the texture of the food or if you lack overhead lighting in your workspace.

“The nylon coated head is surely the star here as there are not many other non-scratch Immersion Blenders out there.”

The illumination bar is definitely interesting to us but feels a little unnecessary as I think most have adequate lighting in the kitchen. It would be useful for camping trips though! Despite this, we came to realize that it was actually a nice feature having the unit illuminated when plugged in to remind you to unplug when finished.

It would also be nice to have if you have little ones around so they know not to touch it if the light is illuminated.

The nylon coated head is surely the star here as there are not many other non-scratch Immersion Blenders out there. This will guarantee you more life out of your cookware and is a must if you plan to make mostly hot soups and other liquids in a saucepan.

In addition, the blending arm is completely coated in silicone so when you go to tap your blender to get the remnants of that butternut squash soup into your pot, you will not damage your cookware or your Immersion Blender.

The proof is in the pudding, and you can see this feature for yourself in the video toward the bottom of the page.

Not to sing this appliance too much praise, the illumination bar seems to be somewhat prone to cracking as stated in some reviews. However, the OXO company is great about replacing faulty items as they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for a colorful Immersion Blender base? Sorry, you won’t find it here, this appliance comes in black only. If you own other OXO products you will recognize the thick, black handle. It’s part of their branding identity and one that it seems they won’t be changing anytime soon.

Despite the lack of color options, the unit is well designed and looks very modern, not unlike the Braun Multiquick 5 Hand Blender.

Another great feature, that we feel should just be standard already, is that the blending attachment can easily be attached to the motor in any position without worrying about alignment.

“I also must mention that the power cord is thick and rounded and looks to be very high quality.”

Worried about having a hard time attaching and detaching the blender head due to your arthritis? Have no fear! Users report that the blending attachment goes on and comes off quite easily with a press of a button and pulling the blender attachment away from the motor.

Rounding out the thoughtful design choices is also a handy clip on the cord so that you can wrap it around the motor then clip so the cord stays in place. No more cords all over the place!

I also must mention that the power cord is thick and rounded and looks to be very high quality. There’s nothing we like less than an otherwise great looking appliance with a cheap and easily breakable cord.

Kudos to OXO on the design direction here!


The motor of the OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender is rated at 200 watts. This is on the lower end of the spectrum for an Immersion Blender in this price range, but according to most reviewers, it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

One of its best and really cool features is the slow start to avoid splatters and six distinct speeds from gentle blending to impressive pureeing.

The power button is wide and should be easy to get to while keeping a grip on the blender and it has one of the most ergonomic grips on the market. Most every Immersion Blender you see claims to have an ergonomic grip, but few actually make the cut.

According to many reviewers, this one definitely does!

“Surprisingly, this Immersion Blender doesn’t come with any additional accessories to replace the blending head.”

The speed control is at the top of the unit and features a backlit LED panel, with steel blue accents. The speeds can be changed seamlessly while in operation with the twist of a knob. Not only is this very cool and handy, it simply looks impressive as well.

We are happy to report that most reviewers praised this appliance for the motor to have adequate power and not get hot during operation, even with continuous use and at only 200 watts.

There are several Immersion Blenders of lower quality that get hot after 60 seconds or so and this puts unnecessary strain on the motor. You can be sure with this appliance that you’ll be able to run it through the mud without worry.

Overall, the power options and gentle grading of speed make this one of the best Immersion Blenders for making soup and/or hot liquids, hands down!


Surprisingly, this Immersion Blender doesn’t come with any additional accessories to replace the blending head. It comes with the main motor unit with grip, the non-scratch blending head with illumination bar and a 3-cup beaker with lid.

Many reviewers report that the BPA-free beaker functions good enough, however the lid doesn’t fit as securely as it could. It seems like the focus was most definitely on the actual blender and the beaker was included as an afterthought just to pad out the package.

With the quality and thoughtfulness of the rest of the features, the lack of accessories or a really good quality beaker can be overlooked here.

Our Conclusion

What is not to love about this Immersion Blender? OXO products strive to be functional and make everyday life easier and we think they have succeeded here. With the combination of great aesthetic design, plenty of speed options and safety features for the human and the cookware, we think this is a fantastic value.

While it doesn’t come with any other accessories, this Immersion Blender is from a reputable company that cares about ease of use and it shows with the design of this appliance.

OXO fully stands by their products and we have found many instances of OXO reaching out to reviewers who reported issues to make the matter right. So keep this in mind as well. It always helps to know the manufacturer actually cares.

Make no mistake, this is a premium product and if protecting your cookware is one of your top concerns, then this blender should be at the top of your list.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a well-built Immersion Blender and have a slightly higher budget, the OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender may just fit the bill. It’s best in class for making hot foods in a pan and primed to take a beating.

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